We are the only full-service restoration company. By that, we mean no other company facilitates all parts of an insurance claim, and takes care of you from emergency services until you move back in.

We help you with your insurance adjuster to make sure your insurance pays the most your insurance policy allows, provide emergency services (tarp/boardup, water mitigation, fire and smoke damage, rebuild/repair, content packing, storing, and put back, and content cleaning.

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Fire Damage

Fire Damage
We can tear out burnt parts of buildings, replace and reconstruct better than new.

Smoke Damage

Smoke Damage
Get rid of the unsightly smoke stains and make your premises smell as good as new.

Water Damage

Water Damage
We get rid of the water, and repair wet areas that could develop mold, left untreated.

Mold Damage

Mold Damage
Mold can pose serious health risks to homeowners and their families, and business owners and their employees.

PRO-CRAFT general contractors covers every trade all aspects of disaster restoration.


We specialize in working with your insurance company to help ensure that you receive full value for your fire and water damage needs. We provide emergency service from the time the emergency vehicles leave until you return home. Initially, we protect your building from further damage by placing tarps and boarding your home up. We also carefully pack up any salvageable belongings, remove them, clean them, and store them until they can be returned safely home.



Once the firetrucks and other disaster vehicles leave, you are left wondering what to do next. It can be an overwhelming experience to see all the damage. Where to start? You have so much on your mind. Family members, pets, emergency funds, clothing for the short term, toiletries for the short term, and more. There is so much to do. Call us and we will make your life easier. You can scratch worrying about the damage off your to do list. From the time the disaster vehicles leave, until the time you return home, we help protect and restore your home.


Protect Your Belongings

Perhaps one of the most devastating aspects of fire or flood is the destruction of so many of your belongings. Some need to be replaced, but often, more than you think, can be salvaged. Replacement can be expensive, and while your insurance company will compensate you for a certain amount of contents, we all have some that are just irreplaceable. Let us help you see if your most precious belongings can be saved! This may also make it so the money your insurance provides can go further towards replacing other items that may need to be upgraded.


Our Services

1. Fire Damage

Fire is one of the most destructive forces of nature. And, it’s not just the fire that damages your home. The smoke causes both unsightly stains and noxious odors that permeate well beyond the burnt areas of your home. On top of that, fire fighters have used a massive amount of water to extinguish the fire. While necessary, this further creates issues to the restoration of your home, including the possibility of mold. Mold can develop in as little as 24 to 48 hours, and can pose serious health risks for you and your family if left untreated.

Working with your insurance company can be a headache to say the least. We can be there when you meet with your adjuster to help assess and mitigate the damage to ensure you receive the full value you are entitled to with your policy.


2. Water Damage

Has your home been inundated with water? Whether you have been through a fire, and the water is from the firefighters putting out the fire, or your home has flooded from another source, we can help. We help homeowner’s and business owners who have been through fires, floods and burst pipes repair the damage to the premises.

We offer 24/7 service, so call us when your emergency happens. First, we come out and pump out the water. If any areas need to be boarded and tarps placed, we take care of this as well, to protect your home and belongings from looters and further damage from weather.


We deliver every skilled trade for full project management and satisfaction

3. Smoke Damage

You’ve just had a fire, and much of the building was burnt and destroyed. Then you notice even in rooms that were not involved in the fire, there is more damage. Unsightly smoke stains and noxious odors permeate the rest of the house. This just seems to add insult to injury. These stains and smells can last long past the fire if not given the proper attention. This not only includes a new paint job, but a thorough cleaning and deodorizing of all of the involved areas. This includes areas not readily seen. After that, then fresh coats of paint can be applied leaving your home smelling as good as new.


4. Mold Damage and Remediation

Mold can pose serious health risks to homeowners and their families, and business owners and their employees. Mold exposure can cause minimal effects from nasal stuffiness and throat irritation to coughing and wheezing. Some other effects of mold exposure include rashes, memory loss, chronic fatigue, headaches and lethargy Some people can develop more serious health problems such as pneumonitis and other lung infections. Otherwise healthy children who are exposed to mold can even develop asthma. Even more serious, some people can develop acute idiopathic pulmonary hemorrhage, or even cancer. Clearly, these are health risks to be avoided.

Reputation is everything and our work is quality.
Lynn Davis
Dear Clint, just wanted to let you know how professional and responsible Procraft was in moving all my antiques and special belongings after our house fire. The movers were nice and I would trust them with anything. I knew my belongings were in good hands. They accommodated me beyond the ordinary. They made an impossible situation better. I recommend this wonderful company to anybody. Sincerely, Lynn Davis
Great company! Did a kitchen remodel and couldn't be happier with the results. Staff was very professional and accommodating to my wants and needs.Highly recommend to anyone doing a small or full remodel!
Pro-craft did my kitchen remodel and I am very pleased with the process, timely manner, and end result.I will be sure to recommend them to anyone in need of a contractor and will repeat using their services for any other needs of my own.
Pro-craft did what I asked of them and were efficient and timely, would definitely work with them again.

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